Bit Cloud

Part of the cloud has gone down! It is now being used as a local server. The creatures called Jammers are stuck between the human world and the cloud. Help the Jammers get deployed back to the cloud by connecting to various Wifi and bluetooth networks to capture and fight Jammers. Jammers capture wild Jammers over Wifi and fight friend's Jammers over Bluetooth. Jammers gain and lose data packets by fighting or capturing other Jammers. Jammers with 100 packets get deployed to the cloud and live happily ever after. For future completion: 1. Fix bluetooth part of game to actually fight after pairing. (Time-wasting evil thing!) 2. Add ability to own multiple jammers. 3. Add complexity to battle mechanics. 4. Add content. 5. Add a total score - so each individual knows how many jammers they have saved.
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Android device
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Use the uploaded executable and follow the instructions here:

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