Audio Hunter

In the game Audio Hunter, you play a bat. You see nothing. But you can feel the world with your waves. But appearances are deceiving! The images that appear when you scanning the world does not match with what you hear. Only one object in the level ist consistent in your audio and visual impression. The goal is now to find this object. If you find them you can see a part of the world. Then you must find the next object until you have assigned all objects correctly. But you should not waste too much time, because in the level there is a shadow figure of the bat that chases the player. So you have to flee before this ghost constantly during your search. An exciting, fast-paced game in an unused, new scenario that invites you to explore and listening.
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
MS Windows

Programmer: Stefan Kassler from SAFKAS Software (

Graphics & Animation / Concept Art: André Leischel / Selberzeichner (

Sounds & Narrator: Silvio Müller (

Game Stills: