An android wants to be human. She needs to destroy all the circuits inside her, marks of the artificial world, in order to become part of the natural world. This is a puzzle game that shows the android's two perspectives of the world: when the player goes right, the world is the technical reality of the android, and when the player moves to the left, the whole world changes into the android's nature dream-world. When the world changes, the elements and their functions change as well. The player needs to calculate their steps in order to pass the barriers and reach the lamp-symbol/sun, which breaks the circuit and ends the level.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Flash (AS3)

Dima Blochman - Programming
Roni Lichtman - Programming
Efrat Baharir - Game Design
Itamar Storm - Game Design
Nastya Simanovski - Art
Alon Kaplan - Music
Arnold Nesis - Sound Effects

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