Instead of perceiving our surroundings visually as we do on an everyday basis we challenge the player to see though other physiological channels and by this we draw attention to the fact that our common senses should not be taken for granted. This can induce a "therapeutic phenomenon" on the user. You are an ant, and also blind. You have to navigate the world by sound and touch alone A Game to experience the perception of an ant An experimental game that challenges what we perceive to be a videogame Challenges us to appreciate other senses and experience the world through our other senses Not so much about winning or accomplishing a task, but about experiencing a surreal world First unusual and uncomfortable, but with time it becomes relaxing and serene Encourges us to adapt to new circumstances In the Game You are being led by a fellow ant finding your way and later on food without vision communicating with other ants and leading them home distinguish important sounds from noise Meditative It can be seen as a matrix for meditative exploration
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Due to the use of haptic feedback as a key gameplay element, a gamepad similar to the Xbox 360 controller is required.
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