13 Floors await for you, lovers of Hack&Slash! You have mastered the Ways of the Fire, the Water, and the Wood. Now it’s time to reshape the world. You will use your powers to alter the environment, interacting with different objects depending on which elemental force you are controlling at the moment. Be quick to change your element to became immune against your enemies, to hurt them, and to see the environment in a different way each time. The world reacts differently depending of your current Element. You are immune to some attacks, while vulnerable to the others. Also, the objects in the scenario can be used in a lot of different ways! Explode a bomb with Fire, or use snow to freeze the most obnoxious enemies! You only have three tries to complete the 13 floors and can be completed Cooperative (2 players local) or Solo. With friends your tasks will be easier but also it's more risky to lose a life. Going solo, on the other part, suggest a more sneaky aproach... But in the end, every floor can be solved in a good number of ways. Play by your own rules! 13 Floors tries to bring you the pleasure of dungeons, monsters and emergent gameplay of the Hack & Slash genre. We have tried to craft all our Elements mechanics into carefully chosen appearances of the good ol' Hack&Slash we love: characters, monsters, scenarios, minimal interfaces, quick get-into-the-action levels. We are sure you'll like it as much as we do!
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
I am who I want to be
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We also have developed our own custom Level Editor that helped us make a lot of content in a very short time. The level editor can be found in the source code, but because of time reasons, we don't have included any documentation about it (but it's surprisingly easy to use).
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